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Founded in 1992, the N+P Group has specialised in the production and supply of waste derived alternative materials for various industries. Thanks to N+P's extensive knowledge and experience, many industries are benefiting from the materials N+P produces and or supplies. N+P is one of the most innovative and pioneering companies in the field of waste derived alternative fuel production and supply, and is leading the way to new concepts to substitute fossil fuels with non-recyclable paper and plastic waste fractions. In this way, our clients are able to massively save on their production costs and CO2 emissions. Since its founding N+P has also worked on supplying alternative raw materials, substituting primary materials and contributing to cheaper and cleaner production processes. 


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N+P Group is a family business that operates on an international scale. With a head office in Nieuw Bergen and various (production) locations in both the Netherlands and England, we contribute to a healthier environment together with our employees. Together we ensure that non-recyclable waste is converted into alternative fuels and raw materials. In this way, fossil fuels can be replaced in various industries and CO2 emissions can be reduced. The waste is also given a new function and does not disappear from the cycle.

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Utilize the value of waste to reduce the global carbon footprint.

Be the global leading company in
decarbonizing major industries by turning waste into value.

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Founded as a family business, N+P's core activity has always been to find innovative solutions for waste derived materials and offer supporting services to make these solutions a reality. Our quick reaction and decision-making lines have always remained important to us, and along side our concept minded approach, N+P have grown into the market leader we are today.

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Karel and Karin Jennissen establish an independent company in the Netherlands, which very quickly start a collaboration with a German player in the field of industrial reuse of waste materials, under the name N+P Recycling.



N+P grows her activities in a number of countries. The number of long-term contracts with producers and buyers in the Netherlands, Germany and France in particular grows strongly.



Field of activity extends further. Strong increase in the number of projects and volume of trade. Leads to extension of the team and the move of Dutch colleagues to a new office: Raadhuisstraat in Nieuw-Bergen.



The German team moves into a new office in Oberhausen. LRG, partner in the plastic recycling market are incorporated in N+P. For the French market the N+V SAS is established.



N+P Group centralizes all activities at one central location in the Netherlands. Karel and Karin's sons start working in the company.



Headquarters moves to a completely new office at "de Flammert" in Nieuw-Bergen. In 2012 N+P exports fuel for the first time from the United Kingdom.



N+P Group acquires Subcoal technology’s patents and takes over the production location in Farmsum, the Netherlands



N+P celebrates 25 years of existence and moves into a new larger office in Nieuw Bergen, and formally opens her office in the UK in Melton Mowbray

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More than three decades of experience in global waste markets



At N+P Group, the main activity has been the development, coordination and implementation of total concepts for the recycling of industrial residues all over the world.

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