Lime industry

innovative alternative fuels shaft and rotary kilns

The lime industry has stringent requirements for the fuel which is used. N+P is offering bespoke and innovative waste derived  fuel solutions for both shaft (PFR) and rotary kiln systems. N+P's patented Pulverized Alternative Fuel (PAF) is one of the only waste derived fuels suitable for usage in multi-burner injection systems. N+P's fuels contain approx. 50% biogenic content, which helps to significantly reduce emissions. 

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We have learned to observe processes and come up with solutions. With our history coming from the supply of rotary kiln types in the cement industry, N+P have now also developed bespoke waste derived fuels for the lime industry, including our revolutionary Pulverized Alternative Fuel suitable for multi-burner injection systems.  

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"We bridge the challenge of a heterogeneous waste material to a high quality alternative for existing processes."

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Myths & Facts about the use of Alternative Fuels

Misconceptions of engineers about replacing fossil for alternative fuels within your production process.

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We develop, produce and supply alternative materials based on non-recyclable waste. Our aim is to convert non-usable materials into a high quality fuel or raw material, which typically can be used in existing processes using the existing on-site feed systems. N+P have developed bespoke solutions for a number of lime producing sites in the world.

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N+P have developed a number of alternative fuel qualities which are used in the lime industry. Some of our qualities have been developed together with lime kiln suppliers as well as lime kiln operators.

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Pulverized Alternative Fuel (PAF)

N+P's PAF is a unique powder-type fuel, which can be used in existing (multi-) burner systems to substitute up to 100% fossil fuels


Pellets comparable to bituminous coal in terms of heating value and it can be treated the same physical way


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