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Not all generated waste can be recycled, due to technical or commercial reasons a lot of waste still ends up in landfill sites. Even in countries were you expect everything is recycled, still a big percentage can't be used anymore. For these wastes, we as N+P offer innovative solutions. We utilize the value of waste to substitute fossil fuels and fossil raw materials in existing processes. By doing this, not only do we give the non-recyclable "waste of the waste" a valuable home and prevent it from being land filled, we also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions in existing production processes.

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How can our waste derived alternatives help the industry reduce emissions

We convert non-recyclable waste into alternative fuels and raw materials. By non-recyclable waste we mean waste that is exhausted or consists of several products and therefore cannot be separated further.

By converting the waste into alternative fuels and raw materials, the waste acquires a new function and does not end up in landfills, plus it helps to substitute fossil based materials like coal or clay. With this route, "non-recyclable" waste can still add value in the value chain.

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of your waste can become a valuable resource.

Non-recyclable waste
as valuable resource

We understand that prevention and recycling is a preferred route for waste materials. However, we also have recognized  that there a massive quantities of waste still going to landfill where there is a lot of potential to prevent this. Landfills generate Methane emissions which are much more harmful to the environment then for example CO2 emissions.

We arrange, among other things, logistics and permits, but we also monitor the quality. And we develop and deliver new bespoke ideas

N+P believe that non-recyclable materials can have an added value by significantly contribute to a cleaner production processes whilst preventing waste going to landfill. 

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