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we offer waste derived alternatives for industries

In the last three decades, N+P have specialized in the production and supply of both alternative raw materials as alternative fuels for industrial processes. By utilizing our waste derived alternative materials, global industries have managed to significantly reduce CO2 emissions whilst also achieving cost reductions.


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How can our waste derived alternatives help your industry reduce emissions

We convert non-recyclable waste into alternative fuels and raw materials. By non-recyclable waste we mean waste that is exhausted or consists of several products and therefore cannot be separated further.

By converting the waste into alternative fuels and raw materials, the waste acquires a new function and does not end up in landfills, plus it helps to substitute fossil based materials like coal or clay.

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of your waste can become a valuable resource.

Non-recyclable waste as valuable resource for your industry

We understand that switching to alternative materials, especially waste derived alternatives, may be considered challenging. However, it has been our bread and butter for the last three decades. Our numerous successful projects are proof of our expertise. 


We arrange, among other things, logistics and permits, but we also monitor the quality. And we develop and deliver new bespoke ideas

N+P understand that industrial processes always have their specific challenges. Share your challenge and find out if we can solve it together.

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