1 min read - published on June 23, 2021

N+P announces the signing of a five year contract to supply HC Miljö, a Heidelberg Cement subsidiary, with Subcoal® pellets. HC Miljö, located in Sweden, will supply the Subcoal® pellets to a number of cement kilns in northern Europe. The Subcoal® will be used to further substitute fossil fuels such as coal, and will provide the necessary heat for the production process of clinker, the basic ingredient for cement.

HC Miljö is part of the worldwide group Heidelberg Cement, one of the world's leading manufacturers of construction materials. One of HC Miljö’s tasks is to provide cement plants with alternative fuels and raw materials. N+P Group, with its head office in the Netherlands, is active in the field of producing and supplying a various portfolio of alternative fuels. From their Dutch head office, N+P coordinates the production of highly engineered, fluffy, solid alternative fuels using non-recyclable waste factions as the feedstock.

The Subcoal® will initially be supplied from N+P’s production location Subcoal Production FRM B.V. in the Netherlands. The site uses the Subcoal® process to convert various industrial wastes into a high quality alternative fuel. The process is focussed on using non-recyclable paper-plastic waste fractions, mainly coming from the Netherlands, the UK and Germany.

By using the Subcoal® concept, N+P prevents non-recyclable waste from ending up in landfills or waste incineration, and the final product is used to substitute fossil fuels thus reducing the amount of CO₂.


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