How N+P helps the local government Borough of Bexley (UK) with waste management

2 min read - published on October 9, 2023

Crayford, London, October 4, 2023 - In a significant move towards sustainability and cost-efficiency, the London Borough of Bexley has entered into a three-year recycling contract with N+P Group. Under this new partnership, recyclables collected from residents' white-lidded wheeled bins will be processed locally at the Crayford Material Recovery Facility (MRF), marking a pivotal step in the Borough's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and directing savings toward key services.

The Crayford Material Recovery Facility: A Hub of Efficiency

The Crayford MRF stands as the largest facility of its kind in Europe and boasts impressive efficiency statistics, with a recovery rate of up to 100% for the materials processed at the site. Employing up to 260 people, the MRF contributes significantly to the local economy by providing jobs for Bexley's residents.

Councillor Richard Diment, Cabinet Member for Places, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying:

"We are delighted that N+P in Crayford are now processing our recyclable waste within the Borough boundary and look forward to working in partnership with them going forward. We aim to take practical action to address climate change that has the support of local people. This contract helps reduce our carbon footprint and saves money too. The money saved will be directed to key services across the Borough."

Councillor Diment also emphasized the importance of proper recycling, noting that contamination of recyclable materials can lead to increased costs for the Council and its taxpayers.

Stephen Martins, Head of Municipal Development at N+P Group, who are long-standing Crayford residents, expressed their delight in collaborating with the London Borough of Bexley. "This local solution will help reduce carbon through lower journeys and further cement our position as responsible neighbours," he remarked.

Martins also highlighted the importance of data analysis in improving recycling processes, stating, "Improved data analysis will help Bexley Council and their residents improve the quality of recycling materials collected and develop a meaningful improvement plan to meet and exceed the environmental challenges we all face."

A Sustainable Future Through Proper Recycling

At the Crayford MRF, advanced techniques, from handpicking to cutting-edge machinery, are employed to separate and sort mixed recyclables. These sorted materials are ready to be recycled while the non-sortable part is used as input for our Alternative Fuel solutions.

Currently, Bexley residents recycle over 10,000 tonnes of dry recyclables annually, a commendable achievement that can be further improved. Residents without a white-lidded bin for recycling plastics, glass, cans, and cartons, or those needing a larger bin, can easily request one through the Council's website.

Enhancing Local Sustainability

Historically, dry recyclables collected in the white-lidded bins were transported to Hertfordshire for processing. However, this new contract will drastically reduce vehicle emissions and transport costs associated with long-distance recycling, aligning with Bexley's pledge to combat climate change.

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, the partnership between the London Borough of Bexley and N+P Group represents a significant step toward reducing carbon emissions, boosting local employment, and enhancing the quality of recycling processes preventing waste to go to landfill. As residents continue to embrace proper recycling practices, the Borough is set to make even greater strides toward a greener future.


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