N+P Group and Mitsubishi Power Europe to collaborate on waste-derived alternative fuel use in existing coal-fired power stations

2 min read - published on January 30, 2023

N+P Group (N+P) are proud to announce the signing of a collaboration agreement with Mitsubishi Power Europe (MPW) to support the coal-fired power industries' decarbonisation and fuel diversification efforts using N+P's range of advanced waste-derived alternative fuels.

N+P and MPW have worked collaboratively to develop and successfully test the fuel using established pulverised fuel combustion technologies and have proven designs that enable waste-derived alternative fuels to be used as a coal substitute whilst minimising necessary modification and retaining high plant reliability, efficiency and environmental performance. 

Decarbonisation and Fuel Diversification in Coal-Fired Power Industry

The goal of this cooperation agreement is to identify and secure opportunities for the co-firing of or conversion to more sustainable fuels in existing coal-fired electricity generation plants, principally waste-derived pellet fuels known as Subcoal®.

Utilising such fuels at existing coal plants solves major global problems:

  1. Decarbonisation of emissions from fossil-fuel-fired power stations globally, reducing fossil carbon intensity by 55-65%;
  2. Provides waste treatment capacity to prevent the damaging environmental impacts of waste being diverted to landfill and low-efficiency incineration;
  3. Avoids the requirement for extensive new build infrastructure; and
    Provides fuel diversification away from high-carbon coal and politically sensitive and high-cost natural gas to an indigenous fuel with a secure supply.

Waste-Derived Fuel and Power Plant Modifications

The partners recognise the improved value proposition of providing potential customers with an integrated solution that would allow them to source the fuel and undertake the necessary power plant modification and optimisation works needed to affect waste fuel utilisation. 

The partners foresee interest in waste-derived alternative fuel use from coal-fired power plant owners throughout Europe, particularly in central and eastern Europe, where the economics of the waste, power and carbon markets particularly favour waste fuel use.

The combined technology enables coal plants to significantly reduce carbon emissions by switching to a fuel derived from non-recyclable, residual waste, partly by co-firing alongside coal or, in whole, by 100% conversion. This approach simultaneously mitigates the climate impact of continued thermal power generation whilst providing indigenous, secure supplies of engineered waste fuels which would otherwise have been disposed of in a landfill.

Subcoal® Pulverized Alternative Fuel for Pulverized Fuel Applications

N+P Group is a Dutch company specialising in producing and supplying waste-derived alternative materials for various industries that operate material recovery facilities across Europe. From non-recyclable residual waste streams, N+P Group manufactures a special pelletised fuel called Subcoal® Pulverized Alternative Fuel, suitable for pulverised fuel applications. 

Subcoal® is produced to a tight specification which can be easily handled, transported and processed and is a suitable fuel for use in, among other industries, coal-fired power stations utilising Pulverised Fuel (PF) firing techniques, either co-fired with coal or as a 100% fuel replacement. In this cooperation, N+P Group sources the waste, builds the fuel production facilities, manufactures and supplies the waste-derived pellet fuel.

Mitsubishi Power Europe and Innovative Power Generation Technologies

Based in Germany, Mitsubishi Power Europe is a major international supplier of a broad range of innovative power generation technologies and solutions that enable the decarbonisation of energy provision.

MPW specialises in designing and supplying highly efficient, state-of-the-art pulverised fuel combustion technologies that allow coal-fired power stations to co-fire or convert more sustainable fuels. In this cooperation, MPW delivers the core technology in the conversion to waste firing: mills, burners, pressure parts and boiler performance.

More information about this cooperation?

The collaboration agreement between N+P Group and MPW aims to support the decarbonization and fuel diversification efforts in the coal-fired power industry by utilizing N+P's advanced waste-derived alternative fuels. If you're interested in learning more about how N+P Group and Mitsubishi Power Europe (MPW) are working together to support the decarbonization and fuel diversification efforts in the coal-fired power industry. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how to convert your existing coal-fired power plant to sustainable fuel options.

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