New N+P Thermal Applications Development Team

2 min read - published on August 19, 2022

N+P Group is happy to introduce our newly formed Thermal Applications Development Team. Dr Phil Jenkinson and Adam Steele have joined us, bringing with them extensive knowledge of alternative fuels use in the power generation industry.

More than ever before, the global power industry faces environmental and economic pressures to rapidly minimise climate impact whilst continuing to provide secure, reliable and affordable energy in support of growing renewables use. Phil and Adam will apply their knowledge and experience to assist power generation and energy intensive industries to decarbonise existing assets by directly substituting fossil fuels with N+P’s range of engineered alternative fuels, known as Subcoal®.

With over 2 billion tonnes of waste generated per annum globally, and the majority of this being disposed of in climate damaging landfills or open dumps, waste management practices have never been more topical. N+P contribute to solving this issue by taking end of life, non-recyclable waste fractions and upgrading them into a solid fuel alternative, Subcoal, which is engineered to enable direct replacement of fossil fuels in existing industries whilst reducing emissions and avoiding damaging landfilling and uncontrolled dumping of waste. By its nature Subcoal contains around 50% biogenic, biomass derived material which, when consumed as a fuel gives a net zero greenhouse gas contribution.

For the first time, N+P’s Subcoal Pulverised Alternative Fuel (PAF) is able substitute 100% of coal use in pulverised fuel (PF) fired applications, including utility scale pulverised coal fired power generation plants and cement kilns, whilst retaining the PF firing configuration. This allows existing assets to continue operation well into the future, improving domestic energy security whilst reducing carbon intensity by up to 70% compared to coal, achieving less than 390 g CO2e/kWh of power generated and providing a sustainable economic future for otherwise stranded assets.

“Pulverised coal fired power generation remains the world’s largest source of on demand electricity, by cofiring or converting to N+P’s Subcoal PAF the industry can diversify its fuel mix whilst achieving massive, rapid reductions in carbon intensity. PAF offers a first of a kind opportunity to utilise non-recyclable waste to generate electricity and produce much needed materials (cement, lime, steel etc.) using the most efficient, environmentally sustainable processes available whilst retaining and decarbonising existing infrastructure. We look forward to engaging with industry and government to achieve these ground-breaking goals. - Dr Phil Jenkinson"

More info and whitepapers about Alternative Fuels for Power Plants will be added within the next periode at this page.


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