1 min read - published on June 23, 2021

N+P agreed several new deals for RDF supply to several waste to energy plants in Europe. This year N+P will have a significant growth in RDF volumes with up to 250.000 tons in new contracts. The RDF is contracted and supplied from multiple countries like Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Austria and is converted to sustainable energy in several waste to energy plants in Europe. Due to the import tax in the Netherlands, N+P aims to reduce exports from the United Kingdom and supply the contracts into the Netherlands from other countries. The goal is that in Q1-2021 N+P will supply approx. 1.200.000 tones of RDF per year into UK domestic projects like the Hooton Bio Power project and new N+P Subcoal production plants. More info about new EFW projects will follow in the first quarter of 2020.

N+P is happy to announce the signing of a long term deal to supply 300.000 ton of paper sludge. With this deal we can prolong our long term relationships with several papermills in the European paper industry. Papersludge is used to replace fossil fuels in the power industry and is used as a raw material in ceramic factories.

During the year N+P already prolonged a large supply contract into one of Europeans biggest cement kilns for a number of years. N+P sees a big demand for alternative fuels in the global cement industry and expects further growth. N+P conducted several successful trials in cement kilns in the Middle-East and South America but we also see a high demand for high quality alternative fuels in the Southern en Eastern European cement industry. Next to this, first new users in other markets have slowly but surely started first substitution of fossil fuels using N+P’s high quality alternative fuels.


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