1 min read - published on June 23, 2021

N+P is proud to announce the signing of the contract to rebuild our Dutch production line, Subcoal Production FRM B.V. located in Farmsum, Netherlands. German-based Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH was awarded the contract, to completely overhaul the existing production facility. The contract is subjected to financial close and commissioning of the facility is expected in Q3 2021.

N+P took the majority stake in the Subcoal® production facility in the northern part of the Netherlands in 2012. After a short period, the company bought the complete ownership of the plant, which was originally commissioned in 2010. In the last few years, N+P have continued the development and finetuned the proprietary Subcoal® production method, which resulted in a new layout to implement the lessons learned over the past 10 years. The first implementation of the improved design was done at the new production facility in the UK, Subcoal Production TSP, and now N+P have decided to also completely rebuild the Farmsum production line, using the best available technology.

By using the newly developed production process, N+P will have much more flexibility to produce a variety of various alternative fuel products, suited for different applications which have been developed in the last years. The new facility will also use state of the art bespoke equipment to allow further control of key fuel parameters such as Chlorine, Sulphur, Nitrogen and others. The new production line will have a capacity of over 170kton per year. To be able to process this amount, N+P have also signed a lease to extend the available storage and production area.

David Driessen, managing director of the N+P Group comments:
“We have been working on the Farmsum newbuild for almost half a year, together with our teams in the headoffice as well as the at the production facility. The decision by the board to go ahead with a full newbuild is a clear sign of our ambition to grow and expand our business all across the globe. We look forward to be able to commission our new Dutch facility and continue our business in Farmsum, where much of our Subcoal® developed work has taken place.”


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