1 min read - published on June 23, 2021

Since 2015, N+P supplies Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) from the UK to RWE’s waste-to-energy plant in Essen-Karnap (West-Germany). Recently, the agreement was extended with another five years. 

The RDF delivered by N+P, is a fuel produced from a mixture of non-recyclable commercial waste. This fuel is being used by RWE in a waste-to-energy plant. The energy that is being generated during the thermal processing of the waste is used for district heating and electricity generation. The Essen-Karnap incineration plant is among the top energy converters of all waste incineration plants in Germany. 

N+P is one of the major players in the production and supply of alternative fuels. In a constantly changing environment N+P has developed innovative concepts which have led to a large portfolio of alternative fuels. Every year N+P delivers more than 2 million tons of non-recyclable waste to several industrial applications in Europe and outside of Europe. 

Although the UK market is becoming a growing challenge due to recent developments like the exchange rate and the Brexit, N+P remains successful in extending existing contracts and developing new contracts. About 30 to 35% of N+P’s portfolio is delivered from the UK.

Next to this, N+P delivers from many other markets like Italy, Germany and France. Due to the strong growth in the demand of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), which exists of RDF upgraded to a fuel which exists of smaller fractions and has a higher energy value, N+P expects a strong growth in the UK market in the coming year.


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