N+P Subcoal® Production HDF (France) obtained environmental and construction permits

2 min read - published on November 21, 2022

The N+P Group, industry’s decarbonising expert, successfully obtained the environmental and construction permits for its new Subcoal® Production facility at the industrial platform Isbergues (62) in Hauts-de-France, France. The total lead time of the permit process from application preparation to permit granting has been limited to little more than a year thanks to the contributions and efforts of the project partners North France Invest, ENTIME environmental consultant and VDDT architects. Obtaining these permissions, it is an important milestone on the road to realization of N+P’s first production facility in France.

“Obtaining the prefectural decree to operate is a major step for the N+P Subcoal® Production HDF project. The support of local communities and the approval of regional and national authorities underline the social and environmental aspects of this project.”

Mr. Mohammed Elouafi - ENTIME

A new segmented building of over 14.000 m2 will be realised, that initially will houses one bespoke Subcoal® production line. Once commissioned, this line will process approx. 150.000 ton of non-recyclable waste into high quality alternative fuels. These alternative fuels will be used at domestic major energy consuming industries like cement, steel, lime and power plants, offering over 100.000 ton of CO2 emissions savings per annum for France by using (local) waste as a source and thus prevent this waste from unnecessary landfill.

Innovative and sustainable aspects such as use of residual heat for the drying process and a solar panels field on the roof of the building will be implemented as decarbonising is the companies philosophy and the aim for lowering CO₂ also contains N+P’ daily activities. Furthermore, the investment ensures a new economic impulse for the industrial platform Isbergues, securing over 50 direct FTE’s for the coming decade and adding another 20 indirect FTE’s to the region. 

“I am delighted that the permits to start a new production location on our territory are granted to N+P Group. Personally I’ am very happy that the company is establishing itself in our municipality. Their operations are fully in line with a circular economy and contribute to an energy transition through its activity of converting waste into "Green Coal". Their products reduce the carbon footprint, from production to end use. Moreover, thanks to this alternative fuel production location, about fifty jobs will be created at a local level. N+P Group can count on the continuation of my efforts at its side. My best wishes for success.”

Mr. David Thellier - Mayor of Isbergues

The development of N+P’s first production location in France is part of the company’s strategic goal to expand their activities to use local generated waste as a source for the production of a fossil fuel replacement.The new facility is expected to commence operations in 2024, with local sourced waste materials, supplying fuel to the domestic French industry.

“Obtaining the environmental and construction permit is a major achievement for us, and we thank our colleagues and partners for their hard work in realizing this important milestone. The facility in Isbergues will be a first of its kind in France, built on the lessons learned from our operating facilities in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The new location will contribute to the circular economy in Hauts de France by converting regional non-recyclable wastes into new resources for regional customers and it offers a massive amount of potential CO2 savings for the French market.”

Lars Jennissen - Chief Development Officer N+P

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