1 min read - published on June 23, 2021

During the 12th Global Cemfuels event in Berlin, the N+P Group was again named Global Alternative Fuel Supplier of the year. N+P is honored to be recognized as a key player in the production and supply of alternative fuels for the fourth consecutive time! N+P’s founder and CEO Karel Jennissen: “With votes coming from over 30 countries worldwide, I was very happy to accept this award on behalf of our whole team for the fourth consecutive year! It shows us that alternative fuels have an exciting future in various industries and we are very proud to be in the forefront of developing many new alternative fuel projects in different industries in the coming years.”

In addition to winning the Alternative Fuel Supplier of the year, N+P was also particularly proud to win an award for the Outstanding Alternative Fuel Project, together with their trusted partner Vassiliko Cement Public Company from Cyprus. 

The award was presented for the project of co-milling of Subcoal® pellets  together with coal and pet coke on their LOESCHE LM 30.3 coal mill. Thanks to the joint efforts and a pragmatic approach, Vassiliko Cement achieved 20% co-milling of Subcoal® with pet coke. The milled material was successfully dosed using the existing feeding system to both the calciner and the main burner.

Due to this use of existing equipment no capital investments were required to substitute part of the primary fuel with Subcoal® pellets. In addition no negative effects on the clinker quality and kiln performance were observed. It is important to note that it takes a joint effort to be successful in the co-milling of Subcoal® with the N+P, Vassiliko and Loesche teams working together in a very positive manner. The trial results were presented during the Global Cemfuels conference in Berlin.

N+P, Vassiliko and Loesche are very excited to continue this project and the technical teams expect that higher percentages of co-milling Subcoal® are possible with some small adaptations to the milling system.


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